I am an Italian living in Algarve since 5 years. Meeting people and building new friendships is what moves me to share my knowledge with wine and food lovers visiting Algarve. I will allways try my best to deliver them a memorable experience in this blessed area of Portugal.

I love history, culture and art and, of course, wine and food that are connected with my background.

Alberio Wine Tours

Get to know the person behind the tour

I’m an explorer and an adventurer! The Algarve, its secret places, the wine and the regional food specialities stimulated my curiosity reason for I am everyday on the road.

I started my life / adventure on board of ships, I became a very young Captain on ocean going vessels, then I worked in West Africa in Shipping and Port Management. Unfortunately the civil war forced me to leave Africa. The end of my African experience was really traumatic, reason for I decided to change completely my life: no more Africa, no more Ships, no more Ports! Since I was a wine and food lover I soon became an expert. 20 years ago I started offering wine and food excursions in my region and this was very successuful. I must say that I did the right thing: My hobby became my job!

A Client, A Friend

During this decades I built up fantastic friendships and soon most of them will come to Portugal to enjoy the fabulous wines and traditional food speciallity.